Thanks to a wide service portfolio we can accompany and support you in many different situations of one project. With our knowledge in consulting, project management and development we are able to build bridges between the phases and challenges of projects within your company and speak the languages of many different stakeholders.

COLLECTING knowledge


The base of every task is knowledge. To find the right solution without having all necessary information is just based on pure luck. With training and coaching as well as extensive consulting we can help you to defeat indistinctive requirements, to enlarge existing knowlegde and to give you the groundwork on which future ideas can flourish.



To recognize the source of a problem is not an easy challenge. Very often it is more cost efficient to correct the source of a problem in an operational procedure instead of trying to build a costly work-around for the symptom in a software application. With competent consulting we can accompany you on the process of finding the best objective definition and we are still around if words should be followed by deeds.

PLANNING procedures


Especially IT projects tend to become more complex the closer you try to understand its overall design. Regular change in plans are not always signs of flawed planning but can also lie in the nature of projects which are both complex and elaborate. We can help you to decide between SCRUM and V-model in order to have the procedure method which best fits your project.

DEVELOPING solutions


The right plan is the fundament of the solution but never the solution itself. Even when following strict plans, decisions are made within development which can have extensive impact for your project. Reliability, performance and expandability are features of well designed code. LogicLoom offers high quality software engineering expertise for developing apps and web services.