Web Services

web system

Installation and maintenance costs of server farms are the main reason to prevent companies from realizing their visions about the usage of the internet. Today's range of cloud solutions by providers like Amazon, Microsoft and others are able to solve this problem.

"You pay what you use" does not only reduce cost risks when offering web based services. The provider's systems also make it possible to distribute entire program structures - to Cloud Compute. By lowering the complexity of the client while transfering the application logic into the server, the effort to offer services on many different devices like PCs and smartphones is reduced enormously.

To use this advantage you have to consider to follow established concepts of distributed systems when designing your application as early as possible even if this topic is not of elemental importance in the first step of the application's life cycle. We can help you plan and develop efficient distributed systems while also keep low maintenance efforts in mind.


  • Consultation of chances and advantages of shared systems with conventional client-server-architectures and with Cloud Computing
  • Planning of low maintenance web systems
  • Optimization of performance and security of existing applications
  • Development of web systems