App Development

iPhone and Windows Phone 7

Today apps are everywhere. It is easier to carry along an individual selection of applications in order to enhance and optimize the private and professional life than ever before. Apps are as attractive for customers as they are for developers. Utilizing the AppStore, elaborate administrative processes like distribution and payment processing do not have to be performed by the app's supplier. The high availability of smartphones allows for an extremely fast worldwide spread of the product.

While still being the model of the future, the gold-rush fever has waned. The broad range of apps, the competition between technologically incompatible operating systems and the customer's raised standards make it more difficult to develop a financially successfull product.

Take new chances

Along with the problems new opportunities emerge. New payment models, sources for income and the possibility to promote another product or an idea by utilizing the power of a wide spread free app allow new perspectives and business models also for mid sized companies. It's still necessary to have up to date knowledge about the markets, the user behaviour and the details of the underlying technological specifications. We can help you out.


  • App development iPhone/iPad/iPod (Objective C, C++)
  • App development Windows Phone 7 (C#, Silverlight, XNA)
  • App development Android (Java)
  • Consultation and presentation of current market developments, target audiences, differences between operation systems and established payment models
  • App Development training for iPhone/iPad/iPod, Windows Phone 7 and Android