Agile Methods

agile team

Projects have been tackled with agile methods for many years. Within this time, agile methods have been refined and proven their worth as full-fledged alteratives to conventional project management methods. Especially in IT projects, the enthusiasm for agile methods is increasing.

However the time for conventional project management methods is far from over. Dependent on content, stakeholders, structure of the project environment and many other parameters different project management methods can be more or less benefitial.

Certified ScrumMaster

As Certified Project Management Associate (GPM/IPMA) and Certified ScrumMaster with many years of experience we know the specialties of both conventional and agile worlds. We can help you to activate optimization potential in your project management organization or find the best method for your next project.


  • Installation of Scrum in your organization
  • Embed agile projects within a conventional project environment
  • Support for executing ScrumMasters and Product Owners
  • Training and coaching of internal stakeholders
  • Optimization of established convetional or agile project management processes